Monday, November 20, 2017

Safe Cycling

                                         Safe Cycling
Yesterday we had to get in groups of four and make a intersection, our group chose to make a round-a bout. 
we made the round-a bout because we had to learn to road rules.
because we have to go biking to Napier soon. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

PBL Model

My PBL Model 
 We had to make a model volcano as a part of our project. 

                                  how to make the art

  1. Find something that looks a bit like a dome.
  2.  Find a large surface that would be suitable for your volcano.   
  3.   Begin to paper mache the volcano and the base (if you want to)
  4. Wait for the paper mache to dry then begin to paint the volcano.
  5. For the explosion I used crate paper to make the explosion 3D you can use paint if you want to.  

 Volcano Report
This report is about what volcanoes are, what different types of volcanoes there are and what impact they have on us. Did you know that in 1816 mt tambora, Indonesia erupted and 92,000 people died. that was the most deadliest eruption ever recorded.  
                  What Are volcanoes?
                               How do they form?
Volcanoes/nga puia are formed when magma from the mantle gets to the surface, when it gets to the surface it erupts/ngutu as lava and the more the volcano erupts the bigger the volcano gets. Tectonic plates always move even though they look like they don't
                               How do they erupt?
Volcanoes erupt when 2 tectonic plates bump into each other.
Tectonic plates are the lines on some maps.
There is one going right through new zealand and if those 2 plates bump into each other an earthquake or a volcanic eruption/whakaheke will happen.

What impact do volcanoes have on the world we live in?
A volcanic eruption can cause many bad things but also some good things,
Volcanoes can cause destruction, pollution and serious harm.
They can help with farming,metals and rocks/stones
How do they help? (Positive)
The ash from a volcano/puia can help with the crops in a farm.
Sometimes after a volcano has erupted people have found metals inside.
Volcanoes/nga puia can make rocks that are quite helpful one of the helpful volcanic rocks is called pumice, pumice can smoothen your feet.
  The negative effects
A volcanic eruption/whakaheke can trigger earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and avalanches. These can be very destructive and can also harm you badly.
A volcano/puia can pollute the air with its toxic and also extremely hot ash. It could get into a lake and pollute it.  

How many different kinds of volcanoes are there?
There are 3 main kinds of volcanoes there are
shield volcanoes- are almost made of magma they resemble a warrior's shield lying on the ground.
Composite volcanoes- are made up of many layers/paparanga, hardened lava, pumice and volcanic ash.
Cinder cone volcanoes- are the simplest type of volcano they look like this.
Image result for cinder cone volcano

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Calender Art

                               Calendar art 
What is this art?
This art is about what you like doing, or an animal.
The animal that I chose was a cat.
You copy your pictures onto black paper to make it a silhouette.

How did I make the art?
You start out by choosing 5 Images for your art.
When you make your practice background you have to make sure you make the spaces big enough for you pictures.

Which learning muscles did I use?
I used my perseverance muscle and my revising muscle.          

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Forest Castle

                                               The Forest Castle
As I stepped into the snow it rose to my knees but I didn't care I began to walk in the forest ,I looked up and The trees were filled with snow just then I fell in a pothole at least the snow saved me. I walked deeper and deeper into the snow took a few turns and walked some more…  and took some more turns and then I realized something I was lost!!!!
I started to panic and began walking in random directions hoping that one of the turns would take me home. It started to get dark and I couldn't see where I was going I stopped and thought to myself I should wait to morning so then I can see where I’m going. I tried going to sleep but I just couldn't fall asleep I got up and decided to explore the forest till morning. Its 2am and I was walking around in the dark then SMACK I hit into a tall thick tree I looked up and down side to side. It is 7:00 am and I can see now.

I was in some kind of forest castle there were tall thin trees leaning over blocking the sun from view. There was still snow on the trees even though the sun was shining, then the sky turned from blue to grey clouds and just then it started pouring with rain, there must be a storm I thought. Then a couple of minutes later there was a cackle of thunder and a flash of lightning I better get home.

I started walking around then out of the blue the rain stopped lightning struck the tree right next to me then it set fire, I didn't know what to do so I ran as fast as I could because the fire was getting bigger eventually I ran all the way home. The moment I got inside it started raining again and the fire went out.   

Friday, May 26, 2017

Thankyou Letter

Room 6/7
Parkvale school
IMG_20170516_111947.jpgHoward Street 4122                                                   


Dear - John

I am writing this letter to say thank you for coming to camp kaitawa with us. We are thankful that you gave up your time to come to camp. I thank you because on the confidence course you helped me across the log bridge, I fell of the first time but I got the hang of it after a while.

My first highlight is when we did master chef, we burnt most of our pancakes, we had just enough non burnt ones to plate up. The dinner master chef was really hard because we had to make a meal straight from scratch.

My second highlight was the confidence course, at night I was really hard and scary because every now and then you would bump into a wall of some sort ,we ended up going around all of the obstacles. Then the next day we went on the confidence course during the day it was so much easier but we weren't allowed to go around the obstacles.

My last highlight was the Michael Noonan walk, it was cool because we went out at night it made the walk a lot more scary. I liked having to find all 25 words and having to write them down on a bit of paper luckily our team remembered all the words.    

1 interesting fact about the rata tree is that It takes 21 kids to fit around the bottom of the tree. We all had to guess how many kids it would take I guessed 22 and I was one of!!

Yours Sincerely

Sienna 😀